Ukraine To Travel
September 2018
Kiev is a new tech spot, an insight by BBC News on the city that experienced revolution and protest and grew into a major start-up hub
Media bringing light on the rapidly changing capital of Ukraine
"Four years ago, Kiev was known more for bloodshed and protest than start-ups. But that's changing – the city has a booming tech sector where IT workers earn 10 times the average wage." An article by Christian Borys and Roman Stepanovych brings Kiev in a different light
Since 2013 and the Revolution of Dignity Ukraine has been a center of political debates and conflicts that influenced the lives of somewhat 45 million people of the country. The instability and revolution in the country has also provoked a movement among younger generation for more entrepreneurial initiatives that despite the economical slow down drives the country to the prosperous future Ukrainian are willing to have.
Kiev, the capital and once the center of major political clashes, is now known to be a major hub for start-ups and IT sector booming.
As the article depicts it, Ukrainian entrepreneurs are striving to build a more sustainable country with European qualities and rights for freedom, fair trade, reliable public service, good roads and healthcare. Revolution gave people more belief in their force and power for a change. People in their 30s and even 20s are not afraid to start their own company and aspiring to bring it to the international dimension.
Ukraine is a big center for IT outsourcing sector and countries from many parts of the world will rely on the Ukrainian IT specialist to code their apps and create the digital product. The monthly salary of the IT software engineer may vary from 2,000$ to 5,000$. This remains the highest salary within the country, facing the average salary in Kiev of about 300$ - 400$ a month, and even less in the other parts of Ukraine.

Kiev has also become a favorite location for many foreign music videos and production companies. Artists like Hurts, Nothing but Thieves, Paloma Faith, OrelSan has depicted many of Kiev location like Soviet VDNKH, Troyeschina, Podil in their video clips. A good overview is listed in the article here.

A continuous number of new restaurants and bars is also a great proof of the potential and the developing vibe of the Kiev city. Good quality, the support of local farming, more vegetarian spots, from Ukrainian to Asian cuisine, Kiev is experiencing a positive shift and change in the hospitality sphere too. Affordable prices and great design of the places make the Ukrainian capital compete with many European capitals. The events like European Champions League Final that took place in May 2018 help Kiev and Ukraine regain its trust among foreign visitors. It is safe, affordable and exciting to visit Kiev and many other cities throughout Ukraine.

September, 26 / 2018