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You will find answers to common questions travelers ask before going to Ukraine. If you didn't find the answer here, we'll be glad to help you by e-mail. Write us to
  • What is the currency in Ukraine and can I pay by credit card?
    Ukrainian currency is called "hryvnia" UAH. The official currency rate may be checked at the website of National Bank here. You can pay by credit card in major commercial spots, like restaurants, shops, underground. However, some smaller coffee houses or street markets may accept cash only. You can change your currency upon arrival at the airport or within the city, that usually has a better currency rate.
  • How to get from Boryspil KBP airport to Kiev center?
    Upon arrival to main airport Boryspil KBP you can order a taxi from the airpot that is slightly more expensive or order a taxi using UBER application that works perfectly well in major Ukrainian cities. The cost of the trip by taxi will cost around 350 - 400 UAH. If you would like to have a private transfer and a driver meeting you upon arrival, you can order this service with us at the cost of 25 EUR for a standard car. There are also buses departing from the airport, that is more time consuming, but money saving. Also, check you arrival and departure, as it may be the second airport of Kiev called Zhyliany that is located within the city.
  • What transport shall I use in Kiev ?
    You can use underground in Kiev and even should try it once. Arsenalna station, for example, is the deepest one in Europe. You can use taxi at a relatively cheap price. Download UBER application or support the Ukrainian UKLON company that has good car selection too and is cheaper sometimes too. There is a green ecological taxi company Oxy that uses electromobiles only, you can try them. For more of adventurous souls, you may try the local mini-buses and marshrutkas, depending on the rush hour it may be a good or a less convenient option.
  • When I book tours with you can I choose the time I want the tour to start?
    Definitely, we create your schedule based on your preferences and agree with you on the time prior to scheduling the tour.
  • Where do I meet with the guide?
    If you live within city center, the guide will pick you up at your hotel at the agreed time. Otherwise, we may suggest that you meet the guide at the convenient spot, like the entrance to Saint Sophia Cathedral within center. If it is a driving city tour, both the driver and guide will meet you at your hotel at the time agreed.
  • I have already booked my hotel, can I still order guided tours and transfers with you?
    We would be more than happy to provide you with tours and activities in Kiev, so please do not hesitate to contact us: If you haven't found your hotel yet, we may help you too.
  • I do not see the destination in Ukraine I want to go on your website
    We have listed some of the most popular places for visiting, but we work throughout Ukraine and will be glad to customise your trip for you. Many travelers who come to Ukraine want to visit the tiny little villages as a part of their ancestry travel and we help them discover those remote places.
  • I would like to book a guide for a part of the trip, but not all the time, is it possible?
    Sure, we suggest separate thematic guided tours to help you discover the Ukrainian culture, history and mentality more. You can take one or a couple tours, book the guide to accompany you through a part of your journey or through all of it. We love travelling ourselves and know how important it is to be able to discover the country on your own, though it is also a pleasure to talk to a knowledgeable local who can make you fall in love with her or his city.
  • I want to visit Chernobyl, is it possible ?
    Yes, there are organized group visits and individual day tours to Chernobyl. This tour requires prior organisation, at least 10 days in advance. You can not visit Chernobyl by yourself and you need to receive a prior authorization from the Chernobyl Zone official representatives. We work with a certified company that specializes in tours to the zone, so write us your travel dates and we will get back to you with availabilities and price.
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